Jasmin Albash

→ Musikerin aus Basel
– Art Direction Album Gold


→ Audiovisuelle Installation
– Lust_Art 2019


→ Openair Saison 2019
– Song Visuals

Andros + Gyne

→ Eine gender-kritische Auseinandersetzung
– Weder_noch Magazin Ausgabe #1


→ Hommage an die Papierfabrik Zwingen
– Buchgestaltung

Beyond Festival

→ Beyond 3D Festival
– Bewegtes Plakat


→ Der Berg im Wandel der Zeit
– Publikation

Garage Rock

→ The Confirmation Band
– Logodesign

In living memory the human kind is using techniques for storing nature. As time goes by, the methods to preserve and in addition to visualize these archives got more and more precise. The project «archiving flowers» has the purpose of archiving plants with modern methods like 3D scanning and modeling to restore them in an accurate way of representing the modernity. Furthermore it shows the model in an isolated and high-grained way to transform it from nature into data.

Animation auf Vimeo

Med. Massage

→ Andrea Christen Medizinische Massage
– Flyer A6


→ Visualisierungen
– Atombombentests USA im Kalten Krieg

4 Jahreszeiten

→ Corporate Design
– 4 Jahreszeiten Lädeli


→ Umami, 4 Jahreszeiten Lädeli, Move, Ob Thuy Tofu
– Logogestaltung